Town of Wellston

Wellston, OK sits in the heart of the Deep Fork District of OK66. It’s a friendly bedroom community located just east of OKC on historic Route 66. All are welcome in Wellston, come out and visit our town! It’s home to Butcher Barbecue, Mossy’s Milk Soapery, Bob Palmer’s Red Dirt Art Gallery and Paper Street Flower dispensary. Wellston is home to the Deep Fork River Festival, sponsored by the Wellston Chamber of Commerce, that kicked off in 2020.

Route 66 enthusiasts know of Wellston as the town with the “loop and the gap.” When Route 66 was heated in 1926 it went right through Wellston, but years later when the road was upgraded that alignment was not the best, so the road was “improved” a half-mile south of town, bypassing the business district, and created a “gap” between the existing “loop” road that entered and exited Wellston. Today, the original loop is known as OK-66B. 

Baughman, Betty. Wellston Gap, photograph, January 3, 1939; ( accessed July 29, 2020), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.
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